Law Enforcement

Become a Certified Instructor
Krav Maga Tactical Training Options (Krav Maga TTO) Defensive Tactics Instructor Certification Program is a 40 hour program designed to train and teach Students/Officers who wish to become a DT Instructor for their Department or for Officers that wish to receive the MOST updated training tactics for Law Enforcement or Security. Upon completion of the program, students/officers will be able to incorporate the changes to their agency's in-service training program and receive a Krav Maga Defensive Tactics Instructor Certificate . This certification will be good for a 2 year period.​

Type: Defensive Tactics Instructor Course
Length: 40 Hours


▪ Striking & Close Quarter Defensive Tactics
▪ Handgun & Long Gun Disarming

▪ Knife Disarming & Edged Weapon Awareness
▪ Blunt Weapon Disarming

▪ Weapon Retention
▪ Takedowns  
▪ Ground Defense
▪ Arrest Techniques
▪ Expandable Baton
▪ Use of Force

​▪ Basic CQB


The instructors in this program are current Krav Maga Defensive Tactics  Law Enforcement Instructors and Military Defensive Tactics Instructors with substantial experience in the area of law enforcement control tactics. All instructors have graduated from numerous Defensive Tactics Law Enforcement Instructor Training Programs and currently conduct and coordinate law enforcement related training to both basic and advanced Law Enforcement Officers throughout the United States. Many of the instructors hold advanced degrees and certifications in the art of self-defense, as it relates to law enforcement applications, from a variety of disciplines, philosophies and concepts. 

Prerequisites for Attendance

1. The individual selected for attendance to this course must be employed as a law enforcement officer or Security Officer actively engaged in enforcing laws, providing instruction, or expected to instruct officers in the areas of arrest techniques, defensive tactics,  
2. The individual must be medically cleared to participate in all phases of physical activity.
3. Late Arrivals and early dismissals are not permitted. 
4. Pre-registration is required.
6. Participants must bring proper clothing for defensive tactics (examples: BDU pants, T-Shirt or compatible clothing.
7. Participants may bring duty leather gear, Practice Training Guns will be provided.

Continuing Education

The Law Enforcement Instructor Certification Program is recommended for trainers who have successfully completed a law enforcement program. The Advanced Instructor Program builds upon techniques and skills acquired during the initial instructor training program while providing students with updated information and techniques currently being taught. Additionally, Krav Maga TTO provides trainers the opportunity to network and train with counterparts from various participating federal, state and local agencies.

Krav Maga Certified Defensive Tactics Instructor