Tactical Driving
Tactical Training Options delivers driver training to our clients enabling them to succeed in challenging situations and difficult environments. Our driver training solutions are primarily focused on VIP Security Operations, Law Enforcement, Government Personnel and Civilians wishing to learn the most advanced driving skills available today.  Learning these techniques will make you a better driver out on the road amongst the average untrained driver. It will enable you to respond quickly to any situation that arises and know the limits of your vehicle. These courses are taught our Instructors that are experts in the field of high-performance and tactical driving.


Tactical Driving (Basic 1 day)

Our Basic course is far more advanced than any typical driving course. This course will cover 2 hours of classroom and 6 hours inside the car on the tactical course. Techniques will include: Positionng in the car, hand positioning, control, foot control, Threshold Braking, Steering, cornering, Slolam, Driving in Reverse, Y-Turn, J-Turn, Evasive Driving, High Speed and more. The drills are designed to push the student to thier limits while maintaining control of the vehicle.  

Tactical Driving (Advanced 2 day)

Our Advanced Course includes everything in the Basic course. Day two will cover even more advanced driving skills with a singular vehicle. We will then cover driving techniques designed for 2 or more vehicles used in Security Protective Services. These techniques require more focus and working with a team. Drills will also include Bussing and Debussing with a Dignitary during an energency evacuation. Escaping an ambush with multiple vehicles, using vehicles as cover and high speed driving.